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Exchange Student Program/Hosting Opportunities

The Rotary Club of Bainbridge has provided a wonderful opportunity for the families and students of Downsville.

In 2017 the Downsville Girl Scout Troop #30495 ask the Rotary Club of Bainbridge if they would help them bring Youth Exchange back to their school. In August of 2018, their first student landed, Alexa from Mexico and the following year Lea from Switzerland; both fit right into our small community, they were both involved in sports and community events.  The Rotary Club has been asked if they can bring another student the fall of 2023 to Downsville.  This is an experience of a lifetime to have a student in our community from another country, sharing their culture, their traditions, and building a better world by understanding one another.

What we need from the community are families that are interested in hosting students next year and future years. The goal is to continue to have an exchange student every year here in Downsville, either being sponsored by community organizations or a Rotary Club.

On to hosting a student, typically there are three families during their exchange year, this gives the student the opportunity to learn different family traditions and cultures here in Downsville.  

First family placement: Mid-August to the beginning of December or January

Second family placement: Beginning of December or January through beginning of April

Third family placement: Beginning of April to 10 days after graduation

 The Rotary’s philosophy is to treat the student the same as your own child. They ask that you provide a home with a loving environment for the student, to share your family, culture, traditions, lifestyle, room, and board while they are with you.

Hosting a student builds memories, friendships that will last a lifetime and good will around the world.  If interested in hosting, please contact Crystal Houck at (607) 363-2190