Moola enjoys a gourmet pup treat made by Jenn Beames that was purchased to support the Delaware Valley Humane Society fundraiser. 


Moola enjoys a tasty gourmet pup treat make Moola is a chocolate Labrador puppy that visited with students at the Summer Program and is in training to become a Therapy Dog. He has been socializing in many environments, and taking training classes in Binghamton, since he was adopted in July by our first grade teacher, Ms. Bussiere. 


Ms. Bussiere, along with Mrs. Hood, have plans to use Moola to boost student morale at DCS. 

Research has shown that the presence of a beloved pet or therapy animal can help a person control daily anxiety, regulate emotional arousals, and improve mood. Since therapy dogs are trained to be attentive to a person's needs and offer unconditional love, they can often stabilize intense emotions.” - Alliance of Therapy Dogs

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