Remote Learners

Remote Instruction Schedule

Grades 7-12 will follow this schedule for live (Zoom) instruction:










7:50 – 8:35

8:38 – 9:23

9:26 – 10:11

10:14 – 10:59

11:02 – 11:47

11:50 – 12:35

11:38 – 1:08 (7-12 Lunch)

1:11 – 1:56

  1. 1:59 – 2:44

Students in grades 7-12 will not be expected to log into PE, study hall, band and chorus.

Grades PreK-6 will follow the procedures for remote instruction provided by their individual teachers.

Remote Instruction Expectations:

  1. Log in to Zoom on time, with class materials ready, dressed for school, and away from distractions to yourself or to your in-person classmates.

  2. Your video needs to be on, unless instructed to turn off by the teacher.

  3. Face the camera during remote learning

  4. Ask questions and participate

  5. Complete and submit the work for the day.

The REMOTE HELP DESK # is 766-3800

Homework pick-up and drop-off is Fridays 10am-2pm

ZOOM Session

Join a ZOOM Session - CLICK HERE

Make sure you know your ZOOM Meeting ID & password

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1st-6th Grade Remote Instruction

Reach out directly to classroom teacher

7-12 Grade Please reach out to your scheduled course instructor for support

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