Grading & Honor Level System


You will notice on your report cards this year that the Honor Levels 3, 4, and 5 will now be called Honor Roll, Principal's List, and Superintendent's List, respectively. There will be no Honor Level 1 and 2.

Students will be awarded quarterly for Honor Roll (quarterly average 85-89.99), Principal's List (quarterly average 90-94.99), and Superintendent's List (quarterly average 95-100) as well as for Character Awards.

The end of the 1st quarter is Friday November 10th. The awards will be presented during lunch on November 17th in the auditorium. Pizza and drinks will be provided for eligible students, and they will receive paper awards.


Downsville Central School utilizes a weighted grading policy to determine class rank. Under the policy, certain courses provide an additional 10% when calculating a student's overall grade point average (ie a final course average of 90 calculates into the overall grade point average as a 99). The weighted grade point average is used only to determine class rank. The simple (unweighted) grade point average appears on transcripts, report cards, etc. The following courses provide weighted grades: 

  • PreCalculus

  • Calculus

  • Chemistry 

  • Physics

  • Honors English

  • Spanish IV

  • Spanish V 

  • Other College Courses*

Contact Information

Holly Menke
School Counselor
(607) 363-2117

Corin Bonsick
School Psychologist & CSE Chair
(607) 363 -2104

The school counseling staff supports student success by offering:

  • Individual and Group Counseling

  • Educational and Psychoeducational Assessment

  • Academic Advisement College/Financial Aid Process

  • Career Assessment