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Mornings can be hectic and making sure your kids eat a healthy breakfast can be difficult in the thick of the A.M. rush. Fortunately, a nutritious, balanced meal is offered in school at the start of each day! It’s fun, easy, and provides your children with the fuel they need to energize their day and perform their very best.
So don’t let them run on empty…give school breakfast a try today!

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The Food Service Department is pleased to introduce My School Menus™ interactive online menus.

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Downsville Central School provides reasonable modified meal components on menus to accommodate students with a disability. A parent/guardian wishing to request dietary accommodations for their student with a disability/allergy must submit a medical statement completed by a State licensed healthcare professional, i.e., Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician’s Assistant to their school’s nurse’s office. Documents can be emailed to godell@dcseagles.org, faxed to (607) 363-2105 or mailed to 14784 NY-30, Downsville, NY 13755. If you need assistance, please contact Connie Babino, Food Service Director at babinoc@dcmoboces.com.

The medical statement requirements:

1. Provides information about impairment. Diagnosis not required.

2. An explanation of what must be done to accommodate the disability, which may include:

a. Food(s) to avoid or restrict (allergen).

b. Food(s) to substitute.

c. Brief explanation of how exposure affects the student(s).

If the information provided in the medical statement is unclear, or lacks sufficient detail, the district’s Food Service Director shall request additional information so that a proper and safe meal can be provided. Modifications to the meals will begin immediately upon receipt of the documentation and continue while waiting for additional information, if needed. This form will remain on file and in force until we receive written notification from the parent to remove.

Modification procedure:

1. All servers and cashiers are made aware of the modification as soon as the food service department is notified.

2. Student’s account is flagged with the modification, so it automatically comes up on the POS when the child enters his or her number.

3. Any food items needed to be purchased (gluten free items, dairy free items), will be done within 10 business days. Substitutions will be made until product is received.

When choosing an appropriate approach to accommodate a student’s disability, the district will consider the expense and efficiency of the requested accommodations. The district will offer a reasonable modification that effectively accommodates the child’s disability and provides equal opportunity to participate in or benefit from the program, which may include a generic version of a product.

Parents may file a grievance regarding the request for accommodations with the district’s School Business Official, Rob Rhinehart, rrhinehart@dcseagles.org, who will schedule a hearing on the grievance, in writing, to be held within 10 business days. The Business official shall provide a copy of the procedures governing the hearing, including that the parent has the right to be accompanied by counsel, and the appeal process upon request. The district will not prepare meals outside the normal menu to accommodate a family’s religious or personal health beliefs.

For additional guidance, see FNS memorandum SP 59-2016, Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities in the School Meal Programs, SP 26- 2017 Accommodating Disabilities in the School Meal Programs: Guidance and Questions and Answers (Q&As), (https://www.fns.usda.gov/school-meals/ accommodating-disabilities-school-

meal programs-guidance-and-qas) and Accommodating Children with Disabilities in the School Meal Programs (https://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/ files/cn/SP40-2017a1.pdf)


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