Covid-19 Information

DCS Reopening

2020-2021 Downsville Reopening Plans

Please note: The Reopening Plan is a live document and can change during this fluid situation. 

Downsville Central School District Reopening Plan

DCS Reopening Plan - Addendum

COVID-19 - School District Continuity of Education Plan

DCS Health Check & Covid19 Reports

DCS Daily Health Check

Downsville Central School District Covid-19 Report Card

School COVID19 Testing Consent Form

COVID-19 Related Information from Delaware County Department of Health

UPDATE: Interim Travel Advisory 3/10/2021

UPDATE: Health Advisory: Community Quarantine Advisory 3/10/2021

COVID-19 Attendance Decision Making Flowchart

Health Advisory: Quarantine for persons exposed to Covid-19

COVID-19 Hot Spot Zones by Address

Cluster Action Initiative

Basset Healthcare Network Letter (9/16/20)

If you use Basset Healthcare Network and you have any concerns at home with symptoms of COVID19 please refer to the information in this attached letter and utilize their hotline # listed.

2019-2020 DCS School Year - Covid19

DCS Letter regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2/28/20)

Notice to Community -COVID19 (7/23/20)

COVID-19 Guidance (updated 12/4/20)