Arts In Education for Teachers

Arts in Education (AIE) funds are a great resource for bringing Art into your lessons. Do you have a field trip in mind to enhance your instruction? Chances are it will also bring Art into your lesson. Know an artist that you can invite into your class or the whole school that can help teach a concept? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, please feel free to request funding through Arts In Education. Unfortunately, only those requests that have been budgeted for can be approved, so please remember to budget some Arts in Education funding for next school year by March 1st of this school year by contacting me via email.

All spring requests must also be submitted by March 1st of each school year.

How to request AIE funding:

Arts in Education has gone paperless. This is a much easier system, however, like with any change it may seem complicated at first. I am here to help you coordinate your Arts in Education events.

AIE is no longer taking any paper requests.  Click the following link or type it into your web browser (the link uses Google Chrome as the browser).

All requests must be made at least three weeks prior to the event and must be budgeted for during the previous school year. When budgeting you do NOT need to know exactly what you will be using AIE funding for, just a fair estimate of cost, type of funding (artist or tickets), and a general idea of how the money will be used.  

Contact Information

Melissa Frisbee
Arts in Education Coordinator
(607) 363-2100