Arts In Education for Parents

Downsville Central School participates in a BOCES service called Arts in Education funding. This service allows our teachers to bring the Arts into their lessons in order to enhance their everyday teaching. These funds allow teachers to take students on field trips related to the Arts or bring an Artist into our school to help reinforce a concept being taught in any subject area.

Over the years we have invited many artists in including Stephen Kellogg, Push, Ned, Irish dancers, story tellers, musicians, magicians, hypnotists, and the list goes on. We have also taken many, many Arts in Education field trips to Museums, Broadway Shows, Robotics Competitions, the Circus, Plays and even the railroad.

We are always looking for more Arts related opportunities for our students, so if you know of a possible Artist or experience that will enhance lessons here at DCS, please share your knowledge with any teacher here or Melissa Frisbee our Arts in Education Coordinator so that we can take a look into the possibilities for our students through Arts in Education.

Contact Information

Melissa Frisbee
Arts in Education Coordinator
(607) 363-2100