Art Club

Art Club

Attention all artists and problem-solvers!

2023/24 Art Club

All students at Downsville take Art each year from PK-8 and most take one or more Art Classes during High School. But for some of us- that isn’t enough!

Art Club is for students who love to create. Meetings and Studio Times take place in the Art Room with Ms. Comer and we work on everything from painting to pottery. For the 2023-24 school year, we hope to have both elementary and high school groups gathering throughout the year to work on group and independent projects. As a newly formed club, we are still exploring activities and time frames that will make Art Club most successful. 

Last year, Art Club hosted an “Ice Cream Bowl” fundraiser, selling over 30 bowls handmade and decorated by Art Club members. This year, Ms. Comer hopes to organize Art Club members into teams to compete in the NYS Art Teachers Association “Olympics of the Visual Arts” creative challenge. Other events and activities will be planned throughout the year, based on the interests of Art Club members. 

Meeting and Studio times for this year will be determined once fall academic schedules are routine. Let Ms. Comer know if you are interested in being involved!

If you have questions about this opportunity, or other art related questions, you can send Ms. Comer an email:, call her at 607-363-2100, or ask her in person when you see her around school.

Contact Information

Solveig Comer
Art Club
(607) 363-2100