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Student Assistance Team

The purpose of this team is to meet, discuss and generate interventions for students who are presented with Academic, Behavior, Health or Attendance difficulties that are impeding their success in school.

For Pre K - 12 students
We meet every Thursday starting at 10:00am in the Principal's Office
The SAT process is collaborative and confidential
Parents & students are involved in the SAT process. At a minimum, they are informed about the referral and meeting outcome.

Core Elements of the Student Assistance Team

The SAT process is defined and conducted in a "standard" consultation format:
    • Asking questions that help to define the problem (data collection)
    • Comprehensive background (and baseline)data is collected prior to and during the initial meeting (with the assistance of a case manager)
    • Objectives (goals) for student outcomes are specific
    • An intervention is developed and monitored (every referral is assigned a case manager)
    • Intervention plans as well as methods for evaluating outcomes are specified (how to, who, when) and are research-based
    • Teacher's acceptability of the SAT process and interventions are regularly monitored
    • Follow-up meetings are conducted to review the success of the intervention
    • Specific monitoring data are compared to the goals previously stated

    If goals are not met, interventions are modified (and monitored further) or new goals are selected.

    Specific Referral Process 

    An Initial Referral form & Prior Interventions Checklist is completed by referring teacher and turned into the Student Assistance Team mailbox in the Principal's Office.
    • A case manager and meeting date will be assigned
    • The Teacher Forms (one goes to every teacher the student has), Counselor's Form, Nurse's Form & Discipline Form is sent out, completed and returned to the SAT mailbox in the Principal's Office
    • The case manager collects data (forms returned from staff)
    • Parents & student are interviewed by case manager
    • Case manager compiles all information & presents the case at meeting
    • Meeting is held
    • Action Plan is developed (brainstorming & choose interventions)
    • Follow-Up meeting is scheduled (1 - 2 weeks later)
    • Parents, students & other teachers are told of Action Plan developed by the Case Manager
    • Implement & Evaluate Action Plan (Case Manager serves as technical assistant to the school staff member(s) implementing the plan).
    • Follow-up meeting is held. Action plan is reviewed.
    Please complete ALL sections of the forms that are given to you.  All data must be specific, descriptive, observable and factual. 
    Student Assistance Team Members:
    Mrs. Bonsick - SAT Coordinator/School Psychologist
    Mr. McNamara - Principal
    Mr. Rhinehart - K-8 Admin
    Mrs. Menke - Guidance Counselor
    Mr. Slater - Caseworker
    Mrs. Becker - School nurse 

    Anyone can refer a student.  This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Teachers
    • Aides
    • Parents
    • Bus drivers
    • Other students
    • County Social Worker
    • Administrators
    • Custodial Staff
    • Cafeteria Staff
    • Any Staff Member
    Referral Forms
    14784 State Hwy 30 Downsville, NY 13755
    P 607.363.2100
    PDF files require you download the Adobe Reader here.