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Halloween 2020 at DCS
DCS will not be holding our annual Halloween parade this year.  However, we will celebrate Halloween in-house on Friday, October 30th with the assistance of Student Council.  Grades PreK-12 will have the opportunity to participate in Halloween-themed activities during the day.  In addition, students in grades PreK-6 can bring their costumes to school and wear them in the afternoon for an in-house “mini-parade”.   As we are unable to allow parents or community members into the building for our Halloween celebration, the mini-parade will be live-streamed on our school’s website.
Parents - when choosing a costume, please remember that your child will still need to wear a disposable or cloth face covering over their nose and mouth while in the hallways and when social distance cannot be maintained.  Thus, per the CDC guidelines, traditional Halloween masks cannot be worn for our in-school celebration as a mask replacement. If your child would like to bring it for a photo opportunity that is fine. Staff members will be available to assist children in putting on their costumes but please also keep in mind functionality. The events scheduled through the day along with mask requirements should be considered when choosing your child’s costume for the school day. Blow up costumes (ie. Dinosaurs) may not be the best choice for this year’s school Halloween event.

 Finally, trick-or-treating will take place in the community of Downsville on Friday, October 30th