No In-Person School - Trial Remote Day
Starting 12/2/2020
Event Groups:
• Downsville Central School District - District Events

Downsville Central School is going to participate in a remote learning day for all DCS students on Wednesday, December 2nd.  The purpose of the remote day is to serve as a trial-run if DCS needs to switch to a remote learning model.


All students will take their Chromebooks home with them on Tuesday, December 1st to participate in the remote learning day.


We will utilize zoom for our remote instruction.


Students in grades PreK-6 will follow the remote schedule that their classroom teacher provides.


Students in grades 7-12 will follow their regular bell schedule except for study hall, band, chorus and physical education.  The teachers of band, chorus and PE will post their assignments/expectations in the respective Google classrooms.


Attendance will be taken for all classes

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