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Posted 6/13/2017 at 11:08:26 AM by Stephanie Champlin [staff member]

Welcome to my page!

My name is Mrs. Champlin. This is my 9th year teaching (all of them at DCS).  I grew up in Roscoe and went to college at SUNY Oneonta.  I have my Bachelor's degree in Education and in Spanish and my Master's degree in Educations (Literacy).  I take part in a lot of committees and groups here at DCS, am a class advisor, and also live in the community.  Outside of school I  have a husband, son and two dogs and we all enjoy lots of outdoor activities in every season!
I am glad to help any student who needs it--just ask!
All classes should STUDY vocabulary and/or notes each night. In order to keep the language growing in your brain you have to USE IT! ? 

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact me with any questions...

The easiest way is by e-mail [schamplin@dcseagles.org] as I do not generally have much free time throughout the day or after school as a result of various obligations here at DCS.? If necessary the school's phone number is 607-363-2100.

PSS April Showers Winners 2019

4/1-Scentsy from Scentimental Mama-Candi Barnes
4/2-Tree of Life from Methods Tooling-Sandy Shaver
4/3-Butterfly from Methods Tooling-Laurie Jones
4/4-Step 9 K9s Gift Certificate-Karen Alers
4/5-SeneGence Gift Certificate-Toni Vessey
4/8-Products from Amy's Hair Salon-Karen Alers
4/9-Products from Reed's Maple-Michelle Maley
4/10-Decor from Country Crow Primitives-Toni Vessey
4/11-Gift Basket courtesy of Sonny & Sons- 
4/12-Gift Basket courtesy of Sonny & Sons- 
4/15-Movie Night basket from Fran's Fuel-
4/16-Movie Night basket from Fran's Fuel-
4/17-Amazon Gift Card package from D&N Improvements-
4/18-Amazon Gift Card package from Mountain Graphics-
4/19-Basket of Goods from Mimi's Jams & Jellies-
4/22-Reminder Blocks from Signs by Kens-
4/23-Thirty One Products from Simly Stylin' with Dixie-
4/24-Handmade Items from Shinhopple Farm-
4/25-$25 cash from Austin Lamica VII, Class of 2016- 
4/26-Crave Box from the Garilli families-
4/29-$25 Lowes Gift Card- 
4/30-$25 cash from Austin Lamica VII, Class of 2016-  
14784 State Hwy 30 Downsville, NY 13755
P 607.363.2100
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