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RTI Reading


a series of short tests that assess early childhood (K-4) literacy

D ynamic

I ndicators of

B asic

E arly

L iteracy

S kills

LNF- Letter Naming Recognition- How many random ordered letters can a child name in one minute?

FSF-  First Sound Fluency-A child's ability to recognize and produce the initial sound of orally stated words.  This measures phonological awareness.  Example: The teacher, usually Mrs. Sackett, will say the word sun.  The child could say the letter s or make the s sound for a correct answer.

NWF- Nonsense Word Fluency- This measures random letters and the child produces the most common sound of the recognized letters. Examples may be naf, buv.  The child would say /n/ /a/ /f/ and /b/ /u/ /v/. 

PSF- Phoneme Segmentation Fluency- The test measures the students level of segmenting three and four phoneme(sounds) words into individual phonemes.  Example:What sounds do you hear in the word "cat"? The child would say /c/ /a/ /t/.

DAZE-(3rd and 4th grade only) Daze assesses the ability to construct meaning from text using 1) word recognition skills, 2) background information and prior knowledge, and 3) cause and effect reasoning skills.  Students are asked to read a passage silently. In the passage, every seventh word (approximately) is blank, with a square containing three words as an option.

For further details about DIBELS the following website is a good resource: http://www.readingresource.net/dibels.html

Mrs. Sackett


Hello. My name is Lisa Sackett and teaching is my passion. After fifteen years at Charlotte Valley Central School and having had an active role in getting the federally funded Reading First program implemented there, I am the RTI (Response To Intervention) reading teacher at Downsville Central School. This position allows me to expand my teaching career beyond that of the traditional elementary classroom. It is my goal to combine my professional experiences with my personal abilities, to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, and an effective teacher at Downsville Central School, one who can make a positive contribution to the K-4 reading program.

I grew up in Delhi and continue to live there. After graduating from Delaware Academy, I attended Delhi Tech and received an Associates of Arts degree in Business Administration. My Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education and my Master’s degree in Reading were granted from the State University College of Oneonta.

Please never hesitate to contact me with questions and/or concerns your child may have with reading. I am here to assist students become better readers.

14784 State Hwy 30 Downsville, NY 13755
P 607.363.2100
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