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Welcome to the Speech and Language Website!
Contact Information:
 Mrs. Lewis ~ alewis@dcseagles.org

Hi! My name is Amanda Lewis. I am the speech-language pathologist here at DCS.

I grew up in Delhi and graduated from there in 1999. I then attended Syracuse University where I received my bachelors in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2003 and my masters in Speech Language Pathology in 2005. I currently live in Delhi with my husband and sons, Jaden and Kellan.

I like to think of my room as having an open door policy. I want parents and teachers to be involved in the speech therapy process, ask questions, provide feedback and carryover the skills that we are working on in speech.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who receives speech therapy?

A: My caseload is made up of children of various ages and speech and language needs. A large portion of my time is devoted to students who receive speech and language therapy through an IEP. These students have speech and language needs that have been assessed through a formal evaluation process. The rest of my caseload is made up of children who are identified as having one or more areas of weakness in the areas of speech and or language. These children are at times identified by me, through a speech/language screening, or a parent or classroom teacher. Students who receive speech and language on an informal basis such as this are said to receive speech improvement.

Q: What do I do if I am concerned about my child's speech and/or language skills?

A: The best way to address these concerns is by communicating with your child's classroom teacher. Your child's teacher may have the same concerns. He or she will also be able to facilitate having your child's speech and language screened by me or making a referral to the Student Assistance Team.

Q: How can I help my child at home?

A: There are many ways to help your children carryover what they are learning in speech at home. We use language everyday (vocabulary, following directions, grammar). Playing a board game, reading a book together and discussing the steps that you need to follow to complete a task are all good ways to encourage communication. If your child is struggling to use a certain sound (/k/, /s/, /r/, /l/) you can model the correct way to make the sound and then ask them to repeat you.

14784 State Hwy 30 Downsville, NY 13755
P 607.363.2100
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