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Welcome to the Downsville Central School Dental Hygiene page. My name is Betseylynn Baxter and this is my eighth year as the school's Dental Hygienist. I have earned my Associate in Applied Science degree in Dental Hygiene from HVCC in Troy, NY and then earned my Local and Nitrous Oxide anesthesia certificate from BCC in Binghamton, NY. I have also earned my Laser certificate through the World Clinical Laser Institute for diode soft tissue dental laser. I have been practicing Dental Hygiene for over 20 years in private/general practice. I have practiced in both New Jersey and New York states. I will be working at Downsville Central School part time on Fridays.

This school district and the Board of Education have employed a part time Dental Hygienist for over 40 years. I will continue to provide yearly exams (one with out x-rays), prophy's (professional cleaning of the teeth) and fluoride varnish treatments. I will also provide sealants to permanent molars if time and material permits. My main focus will be on students PreK - sixth grade, but if any student would like to be seen, can with the appropriate permission slip completed, signed and returned to me or the health office (Mrs. O'dell). 

In the past, children in grades Kindergarten through Sixth have had the opportunity to participate in a fluoride program. Students in Kindergarten had the opportunity to take a supplemental fluoride tablet and students in grades First through Sixth had the opportunity to participate in a weekly supplemental mouth rinse "swish" program. Unfortunately New York State Department of Health has discontinued the fluoride tablet program and will not continue this service. They have also discontinued the fluoride swish program.  Parents/guardians can still continue the fluoride tablets at home with a prescription from their dentist or their physician.  I will continue to see the children here at the school for their visits and place a fluoride varnish on them at least once a year.  At home, your child can rinse with an over the counter fluoride rinse on a daily basis.  I look forward to continuing to work with you to improve your children's oral health
All students who have a dental visit will be shown how to properly care for their teeth with proper brushing and flossing techniques. They will also be educated on proper nutrition as well. A toothbrush and a floss stick sample ( toothpaste sample -if available)  will be sent home with your child. Please remember that what is sent home isn't what they have to use. If you like a certain kind of toothbrush, paste or floss, please use what you feel comfortable with. I sometimes will get free samples and this is what is sent home with your child. All students will be sent home with a letter notifying the parents/guardians of any defects, findings, or recommendations. If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at the school on Fridays at 363-2100 - ext 125 or by email - [email protected]

Permission slips are sent home for parents/guardians to accept or decline any treatment. No treatment will be preformed unless the appropriate permission slip is signed and returned to the Dental Office or the Health office. 

The Dental Hygiene Office is a great resource for all dental health information and for providing quality, professional care. All dental procedures are conducted under strict guidelines of accepted infection control in the given dental setting.