Student Council

DCS Student Council

Student Council is the student government at DCS.  Members bring ideas and suggestions to make change for students.  This is done by communicating with your class representatives.  We also provide community service and sell snacks at basketball games to fundraise for Field Day (May 29).  We will be hosting the After Prom Party along with SADD for the fourteenth year and will be hosting a trip to Dorney Park.

Members in their junior year attend Leadership Conferences three times during the school year.  At the last one, students from schools all over our area are chosen to be the Student Directors for the following year.  The Leadership Conferences help build our students to be leaders inside and outside of school.

Due to the change in scheduling, we have been meeting after school.  We would love for anyone who would like their voice heard to join us!  Please contact Mr. Reed or Ms. Langdon and we will let you know when our next meeting is.