School - Parent Compact

School/Parent Compact
School Name: ______________________________________________
The school and parents working cooperatively to provide for the successful education of the children agree:
The School Agrees:
  • To convene an annual meeting for Title I parents to inform them of the Title I program and their right to be involved,
  • To offer a flexible number of meetings at various times, and if necessary, and if funds available, will provide transportation, child care, or home visits for those parents who cannot attend a regular school meeting,
  • To actively involve parents in planning, reviewing, and improving the Title I programs and the parental involvement policy,
  • To provide parents with timely information about all programs,
  • To provide performance profiles and individual student assessment results for each child and other pertinent individual and school district education information,
  • To provide high quality curriculum and instruction,
  • To deal with communication issues between teachers and parents through: parent-teacher conferences at least annually, frequent reports to parents on their children’s progress, and reasonable access to staff,
  • To treat each student with respect and require respect for others in return.
The Parent/Guardian Agrees:
  • To become involved in developing, implementing, evaluating, and revising the school-parent involvement policy;
  • To be aware of and participate in training that the local education authority or school may offer on child-rearing practices and teaching and learning strategies;
  • To work with our child/children on their schoolwork;
  • To try to read with our child/children (K-3rd grades) for 15 to 30 minutes per day;
  • To encourage our child/children (grades 4-6) to read for 15 to 30 minutes per day;
  • To monitor our child/children’s attendance at school, homework, and television watching;
  • To share the responsibility for improved student achievement;
  • To communicate with our child/children’s teachers about their educational needs;
  • To ask parents and parent groups to provide information and, as much as possible, help implement the type of training or assistance they would like and/or need to help them be more effective in assisting your child/children in the educational process;
  • To Model and require respectful behavior towards others.  

We agree to work together, to the best of our abilities, as educators and parents to fulfill our common goal of providing for the successful education of our children.

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