School-Parent-Student Compact

Dear Parents:

We have created a preliminary outline of the roles and expectations of those involved with educating the students at DCS as required by NYSED. Please share it with your child. Look it over and include any changes or suggestions that you might like to make. Then please sign and return it to Downsville Central School.

Thank you,

Downsville Central School

School/Parent Compact

Downsville Central School will focus their DCS School/Parent Compact on the following standards to support all students in the classroom and at home to achieve the mission of our school and these high standards:

                                Reading: Students will read a variety of literacy works including fiction, poetry, drama and nonfiction from different time periods and culture.

Math: Students are to solve word problems, compute, and reason.

                                English: Students are able to communicate effectively in reading, speaking, writing, listening and viewing.

DCS/Teachers will:

*hold high expectations for all students

*early in the school year, tell parents what their children need to know and learn

*give parents information on time about school meetings and events

*communicate with families in plain, simple language which they can understand

*review this compact during parent-teacher conferences

*welcome parents in school at all times

*provide books and math activities for parents to do with their children at home

*have all children visit the library weekly

*provide parents with appropriate plays, parents as storytellers, songs, and folklore

*use a variety of teaching methods to keep students interested in math

*offer before and after school activities

*offer joint workshops for teachers and parents

Families/Parents will:

*provide a positive and healthy learning environment at home

*be in touch regularly with my children’s teachers

*ask my children’s teacher how they are doing

*talk to my children about school

*do Math and English home learning activities with their children

*go to the public library with their children

*monitor my children’s homework, TV watching, and afterschool free time

*help my children complete homework assignments

*attend plays, storytelling events, and other community cultural activities with their children

*attend parent/teacher workshops and school meetings

*talk to other parents about what is happening in school

*visit the school at least once a month to volunteer or attend a school event

*talk to community businesses about how to become more involved in the school

Students will:

*have a positive attitude for learning each day

*come to school on time and ready to learn

*come to school having done my homework in subject area

*know what teachers expect me to do each day

*ask questions when I don’t understand something

*talk to my parents about what I am learning and doing in school

*do the English and Math home activities my teachers gave my parents

*use the public library

*attend after school activities and use my free time wisely

*agree with my parents on how much and what I may watch on TV

*attend plays, concerts, and community cultural events with my family

*respect my parents, teachers, and friends, and their property

Parent Signature: __________________________________

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