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General Information

General Information
Greetings from the Science Department! 
If you are involved (either directly or through your children) with the following classes, please follow the syllabus instructions to register for remind.com for frequent updates.
Regents Physics  
Regents Chemistry 
Grade 8 Physical Science
Also, for the 10-12 grade level classes (S.T.E.M., Physics, Chemistry) I am using edmodo as a means to upload documents for quick and easy access for students.  This is an App you can download onto your phone, or just as easily use a desktop/laptop to log on to at www.edmodo.com
The access codes for my classes are the following:
S.T.E.M. - fke226
Physics - x6m4cg
Chemistry - fgp9rc 
Please do not hesitate to email me at your leisure if you have any questions or concerns at
drocklein@dcseagles.org.  As always, grades are accessible via powerschool so please use that resource to view your child's progress.
14784 State Hwy 30 Downsville, NY 13755
P 607.363.2100
PDF files require you download the Adobe Reader here.