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Family and Consumer Science and Health Education

Mrs. Derick

 2018 - 2019

        "In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind" 

 What a great year it's been! 

Check out the photos below to see how

amazing our students are!

                                           (click on the picture to see the full view) 

There are a few additions for the upcoming school year - 5th grade will have Home and Career Skills for 20 weeks; I will be offering new High School Electives - Independent Living and Interior Design; and International Foods has changed to Global and Gourmet Foods (yum).

Home and Career Skills 

Home and Career Skills is a course designed to prepare students to meet their present and future responsibilities as family and community members, consumers, home managers, and wage earners. The goal of this course is to educate students to think constructively, make sound decisions, solve problems, and manage resources.

5th Grade
Course Description: This is a 20 week class that meets every-other-day !
Content Topics
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Personal Environment Management
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Career Development 
7th Grade

Course Description: This is a 10 week class so it is important that students come every day and are prepared for class activities.

Content Topics

  • Family/Parenting
  • Human Development
  • Community Connections 
  • Clothing Management*
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Nutrition and Wellness


8th Grade

Course Description: This is a 10 week class so it is important that students come every day and are prepared for class activities.

Content Topics

  • Career Development
  • Clothing Management
  • Human Development 
  • Consumer Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Interpersonal Relationships 


High School Family and Consumer Science Electives

Global and Gourmet Foods 

Course Description

The purpose of International Food is to study various countries from around the world and allow students to explore how the culture and traditions of these countries relate to their food choices. In addition to learning the background information, the students must also identify and prepare foods from these countries.  These opportunities will allow students to gain experience tasting, and comparing foods and the ingredients used in different countries and how the preferred cooking methods may differ.  Through this investigation students will understand and appreciate diverse cultures.  This class will provide opportunities for students to apply communication, leadership, management, and thinking skills to the study of cuisines of different countries. Meets every day, all year.

Content Topics:

  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Regional Cuisine of the United States
  • International Cuisine
  • Advanced Culinary Techniques
  • Current Issues Related to Food in a Global Society
  • The Future of the Food Supply in a Global World
  • Career Pathways in Global and Gourmet Foods 


Independent Living

Course Description: This course is designed to prepare students for the realities and responsibilities of managing all aspects of adulthood: education, career, interpersonal relationships, civic involvement, and financial security.

Content Topics:  

  • Independent Life Choices
  • Managing Personal Finances
  • Consumer Skills
  • Managing Life Essentials 


Interior Design

Course Description:

The interior designer’s purpose is to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space to meet individual client needs. Interior designs should reflect current trends, including the impact of societal and technological change. Interior design students will follow a design from concept development through project proposal to design representation. Students will develop design plans that illustrate creative use of the elements and principles of design and that showcase effective application of architectural elements and systems. Students will prepare a professional presentation to justify their design solutions relative to client needs. Students will be exposed to the many possible career opportunities in both residential and commercial interior design. 

Content Topics

  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • The Design Process
  • Design Elements and principles
  • Interior Backgrounds and Furnishings
  • Architectural Elements and Systems
  • Careers In Interior Design
  • Final Project 


Senior Health 

The Senior Health Curriculum focuses on empowering individuals to enhance their personal, family, community health and safety skills. Students learn to make informed decisions, set goals, advocate, communicate and manage stress. Meets every-other day, all year.


  • Self-Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Stress Management
  • Communication
  • Planning and Goal Setting Image result for MyPlate
  • Decision Making
  • Advocacy

Functional Knowledge

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Sexual Risk         
  • Tobacco Alcohol & other Drugs
  • Family Life/Sexual Health
  • Intentional Injury
  • Violence Prevention
  • other SED required Health areas 

                                                            Food Plate icon provided by the USDA 

Students Hard at Work!

Meet Mrs. Derick

I relocated to Downsville from Bath N.Y. last year. There I  was the Education and Curriculum Manager for Steuben and Yates Counties’ Head Start and UPK programs. Prior to that position, I taught Family and Consumer Science at Avoca Central School, Vocational Education at GST BOCES and Early Childhood Education at Corning Community College.  

I have worked on the NYS Pre-K Foundation for the Common Core, developed a literacy based curriculum for family and center-based child care programs in NYS, served on the local Cooperative Extension’s Human Ecology Services Committee and was a 4-H judge.

I am an alumni of SUNY Plattsburgh and Geneseo State University and am of fan of all college sports - especially Men's Basketball (GO DUKE), Women's Softball and still attend Hockey Games at Geneseo - especially when Plattsburgh and Geneseo face-off! During the summer I work with the Kiwanis summer boy's basketball program.

Mrs. Derick is married and has a son who is studying Geology at Geneseo. As a family they enjoy camping, fishing and mining for minerals. Mrs. Derick also enjoys baking and up-cycling.

Mrs. Derick's email is:


Sewing Project Supply List

7th Grade*

  • 8 inch wooden embroidery hoop
  • 2 twelve (12) inch squares white muslin
  • 1 embroidery needle
  • embroidery floss
  • 5 buttons 

8th Grade

Choice #1: T-shirt Pillow

         An old/new T-shirt. The decal on it will become the front of your pillow. The decal should be about 8 inches in width. Students may use hand sewing project from 7th grade in place of t-shirt.

1 yard of woven cotton fabric. This could be a solid or a print. It will become the back of your pillow so try to coordinate it. (if your decal is larger than 8 inches, you will need 1.5 yards)*absolutely no stretchy fabric, fleece or sequins*

         1 spool of All purpose thread. No Heavy Duty thread. The color should match your fabric choice. We do have some here at school that you can use.

1 bag of 100% Polyester Pillow Fill stuffing (10 – 16 oz. bag should fill your pillow)


Choice #2: Striped Machine Quilted Pillow

        12"X16” pillow insert or 1 bag of 100% Polyester Pillow Fill stuffing (10 – 16 oz. bag should fill your pillow)

         1/8 yard each of COTTON WOVEN fabric in 8 different patterns/solids.

              *absolutely no stretchy fabric, fleece or sequins*

         1 piece 14” X 18”  COTTON WOVEN fabric for the pillow back

         1 spool of All purpose thread. No Heavy Duty thread. The color should coordinate with fabric choice. There are some free choices here in the classroom students can use.

14784 State Hwy 30 Downsville, NY 13755
P 607.363.2100
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